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INNOVATIVE - The Grime Guard is an innovative new product and the only one of its kind. Its simple yet effective design protects your disk brakes and wheel rims while cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain.

CATCH THE DIRT - The Grime Guard has a handy tray that catches all the dirty oil and cleaner. It protects flooring, paving, carpet, and the health of your grass!

CLEAN & LUBRICATE SAFELY - Safely prevent any contamination of brake discs and pads while using Drivetrain Cleaner and Lubricants on the chain.

EASY TO USE - The Grime Guard fits to your bike wheel in seconds, allows full movement of the chain and cassette, and is completely reusable.

TRU-TENSION - From lubricants and cleaning products to tools and accessories, Tru-Tension's innovative designs have helped motorcycle and motorsport enthusiasts across the globe achieve optimum performance with precise chain and belt tension.

Grime Guard

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