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Tyre Lever

Tyre Monkey allows anyone to remove and refit tyres in no time, with minimal effort. Its geometry keeps your hand at 90 degrees to the wheel to prevent the problem of hitting your hand on spokes while also only requiring one Tyre Monkey tool rather than multiple conventional tyre levers.

Why Choose Tru-Tension?

Tru-Tension designs, manufactures a range of high quality maintenance solutions. All of products are designed to withstand regular use while maintaining affordable prices and are right for all levels of enthusiast.

Key Features

Lightweight, Hard-wearing Composite Material

Suitable For:

All Bicycles

Left & Right-handed Users

All Tyre & Rim Widths

Hooked & Hookless Rims

Tubed & Tubeless Tyres

Tyre Monkey - Tyre Lever

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